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“Phi,” by Melissa Green

I could not find the Golden Bowl, the Golden Bough, a golden wedding band I never saw the golden lights corona’d in my children’s hair, for they were not. I longed to love and wept out a sea’s worth as decades ticked by, ticked by and I began to slice my heart and feed upon […]


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Paul Muldoon and Wayside Shrines!

Paul Muldoon and his new band, Wayside Shrines, will be appearing at The Stone in New York City on February 16. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we offer some of Muldoon’s song lyrics with exalted reflections on love. THE ADULT THING IT WAS OBVIOUS NEWT AND RUDY WERE HAVING AN AFFAIR JFK WAS DOING […]


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Rozewicz Comes to America, II

Herewith our second of two samplings of the work of Tadeusz Różewicz, the last in his mighty generation of Polish poets to be fully heard in America.  These three little poems find our poet in a characteristically laconic mode. The translator is Joanna Trzeciak. Click here for our first sample, a fantasia on who might […]


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