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Gary Snyder in New York

This autumn Counterpoint Press, heir of the beat- and Japanese-inflected North Point Press of Berkeley, founded by Jack Shoemaker in 1980, brings back Gary Snyder’s Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems in a lovely reissue, as well as a twentieth anniversary edition of Snyder’s summative The Practice of the Wild, with a new introduction by the […]


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Susan Sontag at Scandinavia House, Friday

Scandinavia House this week will host a series of events springing from the still-bright energies left to us by Susan Sontag.  First, on Friday from 3:30 to 4:30 there will be a seminar on the challenges of literary translation, with Sontag Translation Prize winner Benjamin Mier-Cruz, Sontag’s son and literary executor David Rieff, Susan Bernofsky, […]

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“The Grand Lady of My Soul,” by Goli Taraghi

In front of me, in the middle of the desert, in that silent wasteland, there is a secluded garden sheltered by white walls. A half-open door summons me. I peek in. There is no sign of a human being. There are two rows of tall poplars flanking the surrounding walls and four aged cypress trees […]


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Words Without Borders, an appreciation

Words Without Borders is a grandly ambitious project bringing international writing to American audiences. They publish an online monthly journal homing in on a language or culture or theme somewhere in the world, as well as expansive anthologies and curricula

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Looking for More? Other new writing from the Muslim world

In addition to Tablet & Pen, featured in Little Star this week, there are suddenly lots of opportunities to sample writing old and new from the Muslim world in English, such as Beirut 39: New Writing From The Arab World, edited by Samuel Shimon for the Hay Festival in Wales, with an introduction by a […]

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