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With: Gjertrud Schnackenberg, Les Murray, Robert Wrigley, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Cynan Jones, Tadeusz Dabrowski, Anthony Madrid, Maria Stepanova (translated by Sasha Dugdale), Michael Kimball, Friedrich Hölderlin (translated by Bruce Lawder), Michael Palmer, Aaron Their, April Bernard, Nina Bogin, Barry Gifford, Mary Jo Salter, Rosanna Warren, Serhiy Zhadan, more. Pre-order here at a special price

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with Denis Johnson, Clarice Lispector, John Banville, Sergei Dovlatov, Jesse Ball, Cynan Jones, Vladimir Sorokin, Gertrud Schnackenberg, Robert Walser, Binyavanga Wainaina, Don Paterson, Sohab Sepehri, Paul Bowles, John Barth, Felisberto Hernandez, John Guare, Herta Müller, Philip Levine,  Zbigniew Herbert, Thomas Bernhard, Friedrich Dürenmatt, Ahmad Shamlou, Jonathan Littell, Jorge Luis Borges, and Michael Kimball,

and a weekly painting chosen by our guest curator, currently Zach Fischman. Past curators include Mary Weatherford and John Zinsser.

Little Star is “a sophisticated, wise and fierce little magazine. Filled with works in translation, painfully underrated writers like the brilliant Kathryn Davis and lovingly put together, I was impressed with it from start to finish.”
—Jessa Crispin

A very fine venture indeed… everything such a magazine should be.
—John Banville

Editor: Ann Kjellberg

But soon, I’m told, I’ll lose my epaulets altogether / and dwindle into a little star −Joseph Brodsky